Saturday, September 26, 2015

Pre-K Practice and Five for Friday

Welcome back to Pre-K Happenings and Five for Friday.  We just finished our 4th week of school and the students and I are settling into our routine!  Routine as such an important thing to establish in pre-k as the "littles" are so unsure of what will be happening when they first come to school.  When I think of how far they have come in a month I am SO proud!

I am linking up today with Kasey at Doodlebugs Teaching with Five for Friday.  I love taking a peek into one another's weeks!  If you are new to The Resourceful Apple, my teaching journey has diverged to pre-k this year and I am LOVING it!! So here are 5 random pictures of our pre-k happenings!


My little people are working on counting and one to one correspondence.  We have used TONS of counting activities from a giant number line to counting manipulatives to games and songs.  Variety is the key to keep their attention!
Songs, poems, nursery rhymes and finger plays are always fun and engaging!  I have started compiling a poetry notebook for student to share at home with their families!  The poems are sang and chanted all week in circle with large charts and then added to their poetry notebooks on Fridays during small group. The rebus pictures will make it easier for the students who need the visual cues for recall. You can find the September Edition on TpT HERE if you are interested!


There are so many activities that we take for granted that children need developed fine motor skills for.  Cutting is one of those skills that needs fine motor strength.  At the beginning of the year, we work on holding the scissors correctly, how to hold the paper that you are cutting with the other hand and then yes, put is all together and as they try to move the scissors to cut.  It is not as easy as it sounds!

As I follow our pre-k pacing guide, we have a letter or two to focus on throughout the week.  I am not a "letter of the week" type of teacher as I believe students need to have meaningful experiences to make the letter /sound connections.  We are always looking to poems, big books, environmental print, our word wall  and yes, our "letter of the week" for meaningful connections.  This magnetic game is a class favorite and  can be found in Interactive Alphabet Activities HERE

I love the dramatic play area and girls AND boys practice home living skills and use their imagination to role play various scenarios.  This little guy is the FIRST one to ask for dramatic play EVERYDAY and ALWAYS goes right to the baby.  He is going to make an AMAZING dad!
I hope you had a great week and are ready to jump into October later next week!  I can't believe fall is upon us (even though it is still ninety something degrees here in Florida)!
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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Learning Centers and Five for Friday

Where did this week go?
I have 2 pre-k sessions and am EXHAUSTED by the end of the day! 
This week's Five for Friday is a peek into our small group instruction.

Divider 1_thumb[3]
We have been counting to ten this week.  We used manipulatives, manipulatives and more manipulatives!  We then traced our hands, the teachers cut them out and my kids practiced moving and counting each finger.  We then took it one step further and numbered the fingers too!
Divider 2_thumb[3]
Five Little Monkeys is our absolute favorite song so far this year.  The boys especially love when we take out the hats and act it out!
Jack and Jill was our first poem of the year I charted it and we followed along whole group all week.  I modeled tracking, we discussed and acted out vocabulary words and we  identified letters in the poem.  On Friday, they received their own copy for their poetry notebook and were thrilled!  The illustrations were adorable. 
Divider 4_thumb[3]
As we continued working on recognizing and writing the letters in our names, we used BINGO dabbers, rainbow writing, dry erase boards and made a class book with I see _____. 
Divider 5_thumb[3]
I saved the best for last!  Pete the Cat was a life saver this week!  We listened to Pete's books SEVERAL times only to hear, "Again, again!" We made a Pete craft and ventured onto cutting whiskers at the art center.  It was the first time scissors were brought out.  This was definitely a small group project and they did great:)
Pre-K has been an adjustment for me coming back down from first, but I am loving all the hands on learning and conversations that take place during small group time.  These kids are FUNNY!
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Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Ultimate Wonders Giveaway

Over the past two years, my sweet friend Tamara from Mrs. Russell's Room and I have been working on supplemental units to compliment our Wonders reading series.  We have used the products in our classrooms and shared what works and what doesn't.  We have come to the point where I honestly don't know how I would teach without these supplements! 

We have joined resources and are so excited to announce The Ultimate Wonders Giveaway for Grade One-Unit 1!

So here at The Resourceful Apple I am giving away my Wonders Supplemental, Unit 1 for Grade One and the Phonics Interactive Notebook for Unit 1. 

The Wonders Supplemental Unit is a must have resource to get you started and keep you organized!  It includes the essential question for each week in the unit, flash cards for high frequency words and spelling words, a study guide for your home-school connection, a weekly phonics game for additional practice with the spelling pattern, a spelling words list for centers and vocabulary cards and worksheets.
My second year using Wonders I realized my students needed additional practice with the spelling pattern and more direction during our Word Work center.  Phonics Interactive Notebooks was the solution to both challenges!  Through the use of flip pages, pocket pages, and stamp a word, students can work for mastery using similar activities on a weekly basis.

All our Wonders resources will be on sale from August 30-September 3rd! You can find my products by clicking on the products links above or click HERE to find my store!  Don't forget to enter the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win all FIVE Wonders Supplements for Unit 1!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Now head on over to Mrs. Russell's Room to learn more about her AMAZING Wonders resources in the giveaway!  Her Wonders Aligned Skill Builder sets are top notch for fluency and assessments.  Several of my students struggled last year with the Wonders assessments and Tamara has grade appropriate, leveled assessments in her pack!
Thanks for joining us and I hope these Wonders supplements make your year the best yet!
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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Pre-K Happenings and Five For Friday

I have survived my first week in pre-k after teaching first grade for ten years!  Let's just say Monday was exhausting but the growth in just a week was amazing!  Establishing classroom routines was on the top of the agenda E.V.E.R.Y day!

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching with Five for Friday to give you a peek into my week!  Yes, I know it is Saturday, but didn't I tell you I just finished my first week back in pre-k!  Hands on fun was the name of the game this week!

We counted with bears, snapping cubes, themed erasers, beads, actual children and anything else we could think of! Children love the novelty of a variety of manipulatives!
The sensory table was filled with pom-poms and it was a HUGE hit! The kids sorted by colors, counted and worked on fine motor with tweezers all while thinking they were playing at centers! 
This week we were working on letter recognition in our names!  Most of my students do not recognize ANY letters so we backed it up to the first letter of their names.  We learned how to glue collage squares onto the letters, we practiced writing the letters on dry erase boards and we practiced letter formation in salt trays. 
Fine motor is the developmental skill that is weaved into so many hands on activities in pre-k.  My pre-k kids worked on stringing beads, rolling play dough,  gluing paper squares, squeezing tweezers and even correct pencil grasp! 
I have teamed up with my sweet friend, Tamara Russell from Mrs. Russell's Room with The Ultimate Wonders Giveaway.  It will include everything you need to supplement your Wonders instruction in Unit 1 for first grade. I will be back tomorrow with all the details so be sure to check in!
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Friday, August 14, 2015

Interactive Alphabet Anchor Charts

As I am preparing my classroom for back to school, I have scoured TpT for the perfect alphabet for my new pre-k class.  I have seen so many amazing alphabets, but none were exactly what I was looking for.  I really want my students to interact with the letters, pictures and words. Hence, the birth of interactive anchor charts!

As I formally introduce each letter and sound, I will model how to match the beginning picture sound to the letter.  The alphabet anchor chart activity will then be available for my pre-k friends to manipulate during centers.  The alphabet anchor charts will be backed with magnets and find a home on my metal cabinet for students to use for review. You could easily use Velcro or sticky-tack to make your interactive alphabet anchor charts too or leave it all off and just use it as a table top center.

I love the storing this activity in the plastic pockets that I ordered from Amazon.  You can find them HERE.  I  store the alphabet letters in the large pocket and the picture cards in the smaller one.  I am planning on ordering more as I want store all my pre-k centers in these.  Did I mention that the slide at the top of the folders are different colors for even more organization!

All of the letter and picture combinations are also available in a pocket chart size for whole group lessons and additional review!  These are great for sorting activities during centers and small group instruction as well.  You can view the pocket chart cards in the product preview HERE on TpT.

Both the interactive alphabet anchor charts and the pocket chart cards are available in Interactive Alphabet Activities.  This unit is on sale for 25% off through Sunday!    This unit was also featured in the Teachers Pay Teachers Back to School E-Book.
This resource is full of fabulous back to school tips, freebies  and product resources to get your year started on the right foot! Just click on the picture above for the pre-k & kindergarten edition.  Other grade level links can be found there as well.

I hope this helps out as you head back to school in the coming weeks!
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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Orange Ya' Glad It's a Blog Hop

Glad that you were able to join us for the third annual Orange Ya' Glad it's a Blog Hop!
I am the
If you have hopped with us in the past, some things will be familiar, and some things will be new  This year, all of our bloggers are focusing on FREE tips or ideas that they can share with you to get your school year off to a great start.  Some ideas will have a freebie, others might just be a stand alone concept.  
Let's get started!  This year, I am moving from First Grade to Pre-K so I have come up with this idea that works in the primary grades.
My students and I started saving water bottles from the classroom to recycle after Earth Day last year.  I later read that the recycling companies do not recycle the water bottle caps.   So, we continued to recycle water bottles and saved the caps in the classroom. 

I realized the caps were the perfect size for the word work center.  I knew when my students were building spelling words, they would usually run out of certain letters, usually found in the pattern. It would be key to have the exact letters they needed.  Plus, I can color code the words for easy storage and organization! 
In pre-k, I will be starting the year with a name card for each student.  Each student will have matching  bottle caps with letters (color coded of course!) in a snack sized baggie to build his/her name. 
So would you like to join me?  To get started, I printed a set of alphabet letters inside of circles on colored cardstock.  I then know they needed to fit on the top of the water bottle caps so I used a one inch circle punch to cut these out perfectly.  If you do not have a punch, you can certainly cut them out by hand. I then Mod Podged the circles to the top of the bottle caps and let them dry.  I have also included an editable page so you can edit the words and number of lines (to place the bottle caps on). 
This will make your word work center run smoothly and your students will have the exact letters they need cutting down on time wasted and improving time on task! It is a win-win!  If you'd like to have Bottle Cap Letters FREE for your own class,  please click the apple below.
The Orange Ya' Glad Its a Blog Hop girls will be having an Instagram giveaway again!  You have the opportunity to win $10.00 in product from each store!
At the bottom of each post, there will be a letter. The letters all work together to give you the name of a type of orange!  This year is a bit's a two word name!  **Hint: Start at Mrs. Russell's  Room and go through in order to give you the right answer!** 
Once you've solved the puzzle...take a picture of the answer.  
Post it on instagram and hashtag it with #orangehop2015.  We love original, do something fun with your image!  We will go through the pictures and select a winner!
Next up, a blogger I absolutely LOVE! :)
The sweet Meredith Nardone from Creativity to the Core!
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