Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wordless Wednesday-Repurposing Math Manipulatives

I am linking up today with Christina at Sugar and Spice
 I love when something comes to me while planning a lesson!  I was prepping for a graphing activity and I wanted my kids to work in partners to roll a die and record the result on the graph.  So, I needed to find 9 large dice or cube shaped blocks.  Walking through a second grade class, I spied base ten blocks with thousands cubes! {Insert angels singing!!}

What other manipulatives do you repurpose?
Please share:)
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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wordless Wednesday-Flip Books

Happy Wednesday to you!!
I am joining the fun with Miss DeCarbo over at Sugar and Spice!
We are using flip books at the Writing Center this week to retell the beginning, middle and end of Little Red Riding Hood!  I love the simplicity of flip books and kids love the novelty of the flip! 
Do you ever use flip books in your classroom?  Please share!!
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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Basal Texts and a Giveaway

Do you teach with a basal reader or by standard-creating your own curriculum as you go along?  I believe there are definitely pros and cons to each.  The county I teach in has adopted Wonders by McGraw-Hill for our reading curriculum.  Even though the content is given to us, teachers are always looking for ways to organize and supplement the series.

I have worked with my blogging buddy Tamara Russell from Mrs. Russell's Room to enhance the Wonders curriculum and to organize all of the components within the series and our classrooms! We are having giveaway with our NEWEST WONDERS PRODUCTS!

My students were introduced to our Phonics Interactive Notebook{Wonders Edition-Grade 1-Unit 1} last week!  We will work together so my students understand how each page of the journal works.  Once I have introduced each type of page, the Interactive Phonics Notebook part of the Word Work Center during our Daily 5 Rotations.  

I am so glad Tamara Russell from Mrs. Russell's Room has joined me in this giveaway!  She has become such a true friend and such an inspiration in my teaching, blogging and product development. The Wonders Supplemental-Focus Wall Resource is AMAZING!  It is everything you need and more:) Click HERE to see her previews.

Don't forget, I also have s Supplemental Resources for each unit.  They are available in units as well as in the bundle.  Plus, my store is 20% off through Monday night for Labor Day! Click HERE to check out these resources. And now that you have navigated your way through Wonders, you, my friend, have found the GIVEAWAY!
a Rafflecopter giveaway 

Good luck!
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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Labor Day Sale

Here's to wishing you a Happy Labor Day!
Thanks to Cassie at Adventures in Teaching for the super cute sale banner!

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Five for Friday {8/29}

I am up for a quick breath after 2 weeks back to school!  I have been EXHAUSTED!!  So, I am finally linking up with Kacey over at Doodlebugs Teaching for a peek into my week:)
We have jumped into the land of Interactive notebooks this year and I have to say my kids love them! We are going to be using one for reading, one  for phonics/work work aligned to our Wonders curriculum and one for math. 
I have introduced my Phonics Interactive Journal {Wonders Supplemental-Grade 1-Unit 1}this week.  My firsties rocked it! It amazes me that their interaction with the activity totally changes their attitude about the assignment.  They loved how the "secret doors" (ie-flaps) worked.  They couldn't wait to share their work!

My firsties drew and painted self portraits this week.  They actually drew in pencil, traced with a black Sharpie marker for the extra POP and then painted with watercolors.  We had "THE TALK" about the Sharpie markers with an "I promise..." pledge to NEVER, EVER write on anything or anyone except paper:) Did I mention the NEVER, EVER part?  I think they got the message:)  We finally got to labeling the pictures and will be writing about them next week.  The labels can are from Lori at Teaching with Love and Laughter and it is a freebie!
We have been building our stamina in Read to Self as we get ready for our Daily 5 time.  This week we worked on Read to Someone with our reading basal (Wonders).  I typically let them choose between their basal reader, their poetry notebook and fluency passages.  Next week we are jumping into Daily 5 Rotations!  I can't wait:)

Brain Breaks were REALLY needed this week. I have such a cute, chatty class.  So we used lots of Dr. Jean songs for movement and today I introduced Go Noodle!  My kids enjoyed surfing in between activities today.  I can't wait to try out more new brain breaks.
Have you seen the website for Engage NY?   Our county (yes, here in Florida...) is using some of the math modules to support our curriculum.  We just completed module 26 on place value and taught a lesson using Rekenrek bracelets and "hide zero cards".  Under the 8 is the zero from the number 10.  When you add 8 ones (red beads)  and flip the card over, it shows the new number 18.  The visual really worked for my first graders who needs a tactile activity to make the connection.   
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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Center Game Storage and Organization

I just love a Bright Idea and who better to share and collaborate with than other teachers. I am so happy to be joining 150 other bloggers this month with an incredible collection of Bright Ideas!
I love creating new and engaging games and activities for my students.  There are so many resources out there that makes it possible to find almost any activity at a moment's notice.  I am so thankful for that. 

I set off to print, laminate, cut and organize activities. It is time consuming, but so worth it!  The students enjoy working cooperatively to practice skills introduced during lessons. 
So then HOW do I store the pieces?  I always print a cover for the activity and use a tape runner to adhere it to the front of a large manila envelope.  Then I laminate the envelope.  I run my scissors along the back to slice the laminating at the folder opening. All game pieces are placed in the envelope along with any recording sheets.  I print any recording sheets on cardstock so they don't get mixed up with the copies the students are using.

I introduce all games during small and whole group lessons before allowing the students to work cooperatively on them.  This helps reduce questions as we model rules and correct procedures for cooperative play.  The game stays out for the length of time needed to practice the skill.  The games also make come backs for review throughout the year!
Next up is WHERE I store the games when NOT in use... I organize and store games and activities by subject or skill, unless it is a seasonal activity.  Seasonal activities are stored by month.  All envelops are organized in magazine holders and labeled accordingly. 

This system of organization keeps my games ready and available at all times.  I am able to locate them with very little effort and it keeps them front and center in my mind and ready to pull during planning!  I hope this Bright Idea helps you get a handle on organizing all your center activities. 
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For more bright ideas from over 100 bloggers, please browse through the link up below and choose a topic or grade level that interests you.  Thanks for visiting!! :)
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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wordless Wednesday {8/13}

I am linking up with Christina from Miss DeCarbo at Sugar and Spice today for...
I have used Daily 5 to plan my ELA instruction for the past 4 years.
I would LOVE to jump into Daily 3 Math this year.

Has anyone implemented Daily 3 Math?
I would love to hear your thoughts, experiences and suggestions. 
Please share :)
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