Monday, July 28, 2014

Daily Schedule- Reading Workshop

Next up on our daily schedule is Reading Workshop.  (You can find our daily schedule HERE.)  Reading workshop will look VERY different this year.  Last year, our county used Common Core with Wonders by McGraw Hill as our primary resource.

This year Florida has opted out of Common Core and has adopted Language Arts Florida Standards (LAFS).   OK, truth be told the Florida Standards are basically Common Core with a few tweaks...  I will post the standard on our focus fall to keep the it front and center. Creativity to the Core has made a set of Florida standards for each grade level (elementary).

Our county has revamped the Scope and Sequence for each grade level.    They have moved to teaching by standards, NOT by the adopted series.

According to our blueprint, as we teach the standards we will be using various stories throughout Wonders on any given week.  This will make it tricky as our firsties won't have the skills to read the stories out of order so many of the stories will be read alouds.  Yes, we have our work cut out for us!

To help my firsties make the transition to  standards based instruction, I am planning on using the following units from Jen Jones for comprehension extensions.
My sweet friend, Tamara Russell, also made a unit to go with one of our stories from last year:  Kitten's First Full Moon.  These are detailed lessons to be used with this exemplar text.   There are even writing extensions for informative, narrative and opinion.  Click on the picture to head to Tamara's store.
So my question for you is does your school use a published series or do you teach by the standards and pull resources?
I would love to hear about what you do! Please leave a comment and you will get extra credit in the rafflecoptor!  Remember I am giving away Wonders Supplemental Units 1-3.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Intervention Groups and a Giveaway

First up on the daily schedule is...

Our school uses the FIRST 30 minutes of each day for grade level intervention groups.  When the first grade team piloted this 4 years ago, I have to say we were not so happy to give up this 30 minutes, never mind first thing in the morning when our firsties came in fresh and ready to learn! HOWEVER, as we progressed through the year and compared growth from the prior year, the students who made adequate yearly growth more than DOUBLED! 

You can read more about how we group and structure our intervention groups HERE. A key part is being able to service the children who struggle and who are in RTI without compromising the instruction for the rest of our students.  With the help of our literacy coach and speech therapist, we are able to structure our groups with lower numbers for those who struggle with phonemic awareness and phonics. 

This year, my instruction focused on  phonics for the first half of the year and then a fluency/comprehension at the mid-year switch.  At times, we need to focus on more than one skill because a student may have several gaps.  We even might need to have a blended group if there are several children with the same needs. 

In our county, we use Wonders by McGraw Hill and they offer  online resources for intervention in most areas.  I have also created a few products to help out in these groups. TpT has been a life saver as well. 

Wonders Unit 1 Includes short a, short o, l blends, short i and r & t blends.  I use the games to play "BANG!", Quiz, Quiz Trade and have even printed 2 sets to use as a matching game.  The sky is the limit:) If you do not use Wonders, there are still FIVE PHONICS GAMES in each unit so it is well worth the purchase.  Click HERE if you would like to shop this or other phonics games over at TpT.

Building fluency takes time and lots of practice.  Children need to be immersed in reading books on their level.  During fluency intervention groups, we use a variety if resources.  We use leveled books from prior reading series, printed books from A-Z Reading, the RAZ-Kids website, a fluency binder for partner reading and LEVELED fluency passages. 

 I love the Raz-Kids website as kids are able to listen to stories, read at their level and take comprehension quizzes. They earn points and are engages in a super fun game!
The fluency packs from Tamara Russell are the BEST I have seen.  The passages are differentiated, seasonal, include comprehension questions and a home component!  So many students lack the resources at home to practice at night with books on their level.  My students and parents LOVE these passages. Click on the picture to read more about it over in her store.
 I hope you have a window's view into our reading intervention groups. If you have hung around through this post, I am giving away Wonders Unit's 1 through 3 on Thursday morning!  There are 5 weeks included in each unit (That's a total of 15 phonics games!).  Each week contains a phonics game, a phonics/spelling list for the word work center, flashcards for spelling and sight words, vocabulary cards, a vocabulary worksheet and a home/school study guide.

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Fitting it all in...

Hi, my name is Tammy and I have been MIA this summer!  If you are new to my blog, then WELCOME!  If you are a tried and true friend, thanks for sticking around:)

I have my head back in the game and started to plan my schedule.  It will be similar to last year, with the exception of an additional 30 minutes of class time added to the students' day.   Our county adjusted high school schedules- which in turn affect the county BUS schedule!
(Love the School Days graphics from The Learning Tree)

So students start 10 minutes early and stay 20 minutes longer.  Teachers have not been told about a schedule change for us, but we will roll with it! So here is a tentative schedule for my year providing specials and lunch stay at approximately the same times. Wednesdays is a bit different due to early release (dismiss one hour early).

Frame is part of the Cliparts Craze on Facebook this weekend!
Over the next week or so, I will be sharing procedures, favorite activities and products that I use throughout the day to teach in each subject area.  If you have any specific questions, please leave  a question in the comments!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Dollar Day Sale July 11th

You asked and you shall receive!
Today's deal of the day...
This is an amazing unit that I used to introduce adjectives and then to review and expand  on types of adjectives.  My kids loved the activities and I liked that there were pages I could use to assess the skill.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Dollar Days at The Resourceful Apple

Its Dollar Days here at The Resourceful Apple.  Everyone loves a good sale and I am all about that!  Each day I will post an unit  that I have put on sale for $1.00 over at my TpT store.  The sale will last for that day only! 

Since I am posting so late today, I  am putting these TWO units on sale through tomorrow for ONE DOLLAR each!  Click on the picture below to take you to that product in my TpT store.


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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Blog Birthday Giveaway and Sale

Come join me as I celebrate my bloggy birthday! I can't believe I have been here at The Resourceful Apple for TWO years! I have published over 200 blog posts, have interacted with hundreds of teachers through blogging and Facebook, and have grown in my practice.  Thank you for joining me.

As a thank you to you,
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Several of my bloggy friends have joined in this celebration with a fun, back to school GIVEAWAY! I am so blessed to have met these FABULOUS ladies through blogging. They INSPIRE me to be a better teacher! 


Thanks for joining me in my bloggy birthday celebration!