Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Daily 5

I read Daily 5 two years ago and then again last summer.  I loved the idea, but never fully invested the time in training the kids and giving them control and choice over their learning.  This will be the year.  I am linking up with Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations with Mel D and and Teaching with Style with Nicole with a Daily 5 Book Study.

Chapter 1 Discussion Questions:

1.  On pages 4-6, the authors present two different pictures of their classrooms. In thinking about and reflecting on your own practice, how would you characterize your literacy block? Does it look more like the first or second scenario, or is it somewhere in between? How will you change it?

As I reflect on my teaching, I definitely think I am in the middle of the two scenarios.  My students are engaged in meaningful reading and writing activities on a daily basis.  I did have the students rotate daily with a reading group, writing center and a literacy center (that rotated with listening/read to partner, word work, computer and read to self).  However, the students were grouped by ability which I have struggled with.  They followed a rotation chart that showed them where move to every 15-20 minutes.  I am planning on implementing the Daily 5 this current year and am very excited!

2.  The typical teacher is very busy having students do lots of different activities. How is what you are having students do now in your classroom creating quality readers and writers? 

 Again, the literacy center activities  offer daily practice in reading and writing.  I am not a worksheet teacher as I believe children need to be engaged in daily reading and writing.  I learned this 20 years ago with a fabulous professor who taught Elementary Reading at Rhode Island College.  I do have to say that my students do NOT love the daily writing rotation.  I plan on working on stamina in writing as well developing their writing craft.

3.  What sets the Daily 5 structure apart from what you are doing in your classroom?

Choice, independence and individualized instruction are the components of the Daily 5 that I would like to implement.   I have always struggled with the students "locus of control" being more internal that external.   However, it never fails that a color card behavior system makes it back into my room by October.  I need to follow the structure of the Daily 5 and continue to model, model, model. 

So head on over to Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations and Teaching with Style to link up to the Daily 5 Book Study and for some great FREE giveaways! Check back next Wednesday for Chapter 2 questions!


  1. I've read the Daily Five before, but am anxious to reread it and finally implement it in my classroom this year. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
    Fourth and Ten

  2. Thanks for linking up to our book study! Great post! I've pinned this post to our D5 Book Study pinboard!
    Mel D
    Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations

    1. Thanks Mel! I am anxious to see the ins and outs of Daily 5 in other classrooms.

  3. So excited to be a part of this next week . . . my books STILL aren't here yet . . . my face is pressed against the window watching for the UPS man :) I really loved reading your thoughts. My classroom runs quite a bit like yours does and I am excited to see how much of the D5 I can work in :)

    Kelley Dolling
    Teacher Idea Factory

    1. Kelley, you will catch up quick as it is an easy read. I am hoping it all comes together this summer with everyone's ideas and the reread. Since our classrooms are similar, I am anxious to hear your thoughts too:).