Saturday, August 11, 2012

Where did summer vacation go?

Today was the last official day of summer vacation!  Where did it go?  We were super busy, so it went by fast.  

We started with a road trip home to Rhode Island to see my family.  The boys loved their visit to Battleship Cove with Grammy and Poppy. 

Then we stopped off on Maryland to see my hubby's family and the kids had a blast swimming at Great Granny and Great Grandpa's pool and eating lots of crab!

Back home for a week and then the boys and I headed up to Georgia to meet up with some friends.  Lets just say, 4 moms, 8 kids, a water park, tubing in Helen and the Georgia Aquarium kept us busy:)  So here we are needing a vacation from our vacations!  HAHA!

I spent Wednesday and Thursday unpacking my classroom AGAIN!  I chose to move to a smaller room from my portable for a classroom with a fabulous closet!!  So, 16 hours later, 90% of the boxes are unpacked.  I feel much better walking into preplanning now.  Here are a few before shots.  Remember, nothing pretty, but definitely productive.

Where to begin? 

Here's half of my fabulous closet.  I am still unpacking.

I decided to use the alcove area for the library. 
  I need to find some cute lamps:)

I decided to keep the tables and get rid of the desks. 
Its the first year I am doing this in first grade. 
Any thought on tables or desks?

Today I spent the day at the hospital waiting for my hubby to have surgery.  All went well so he is back home resting.  Hoping to rest a bit myself this weekend before I start back on Monday.
 If only my mind would stop racing!


  1. Tammy hope Steve is ok and that you get everything all unpacked and ready next week. Have a great preplanning!

    1. Thanks Deanna! So far so good:) Thanks for checking.