Saturday, September 22, 2012

Great Fall Resources

Our district mandates every classroom post their learning goal/benchmark, essential question, objective and ticket out for reading, language arts and math.  Last year science and social studies was there, but since it is integrated with common core, we no longer have to post!  We have it all posted on a common board.  This helps to keep the teachers, kids and administrators (walk throughs) on the same page with grade level curriculum.  Here is a picture of what it looks like:)

I am amazed I got it all on one bulletin board this year!  I have to say, I have been very resourceful when it comes to getting this done.  I have posted Deanna Jump's Common Core Standards posters under learning goals and Anna Brantley's Essential Questions on the top two rows. 

I use the objectives given to us on the county's "blue prints".  I have to say, up until now, I have not been so creative with the ticket out.  The ticket out is a quick assessment to see who understands and can apply the objective taught.  Lots of times a little dry erase activity or quick Kagan strategy (ex-Round Robin) is all I need.  However, today I ran across Anna Brantley's post on her newest packet for Literacy Journal Prompts-volume 2!  HELLO!!!  How did I not even know volume 1 even existed??

Let's just say I added 2 new packets to my TpT store and will be checking out later today:)  Speaking of TpT, I am joining Casey at Second Grade Math Maniac with her blog hop.  Check out the Happy Fall Y'all 20% off sale in my TpT store.  I only have only lonely item for sale, BUT would love you to check it out and pick up a few freebies while you are there!

 Happy Fall Y'all


  1. My school district requires a Common Board as well. Do you find that your kids use it? Our Kinder teachers are having the hardest time!

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    1. The kids can refer to it if modeled daily. I teach first and if I refer to it at the beginning , middle and end of the lessons, they start to catch on. Hope that helps!!