Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Tree Farm Field Trip

Yesterday we went on a walking field trip to the Christmas Tree Farm.  I love living out in the country in the middle of Florida.  It is totally unexpected!  We even saw a wild deer in a yard  next to a bull on the way to the Christmas Tree Farm! 
After arriving at the farm, we took a hay ride around the farm to learn about the trees that are grown there, what they need and what the farmer does all year to get the trees ready for Christmas.  After the hayride, the kids got to play in the hay and feed the animals.  Such simple pleasures for little ones!
I took so many pictures, but they all have children in them so I can't post... The  tree farm also has a zip line, a HUGE bounce pillow, a super cute reindeer ride and a maze.  Its a fun family place on the weekend.  

So today I introduced a new thinking map called a tree map (how fitting?).  We then used Kim Adsit's Oh Christmas Tree Unit.  She has a great book starter for a Christmas Tree and then a Table of Contents page which lent itself to our informational writing. 

I did take pictures of the book on my phone and they are uploading  sideways again!  So, when i get that worked out I will include the pictures:)
If you have not checked out the giveaway over at Tales of a First Grade Teacher, you should head on over there.  The giveaway ends On December 1st.  And speaking of December 1st- I will be posting a SUPER HUGE giveaway so come on back!


  1. Oh my goodness! What a cute blog! I found you through my sight word linky party! I am your newest follower!

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  2. Thanks Katie:) Stop back this weekend for a great giveaway!