Tuesday, November 13, 2012

So Thankful!

 I am linking up with A Year of Many Firsts and her Stuffed with Thankful Thoughts Linky Party.


1. For my faith, in good time and bad... God is good:)

2. For my family.  I am truly blessed.  I have a fabulous husband who ALWAYS supports me and 2 boys who own my HEART.

3. For a profession I love!  Through the ups and down of the ever changing teaching world, I love teaching.  I am at a wonderful small, country school with a family environment which happens to be my home school. 

4. For friends who make me laugh and smile though the years.

5.  I am thankful for this blogging adventure I began this summer.  It has inspired me to be a better teacher.  Thank you to all who inspire and share. Thank you for all of you who read my blog. This blogging community amazes me with inspiration and sweet words.

I can't believe there are only 3 days of school left until Thanksgiving vacation!


  1. Where did the fall go? I'm thankful for you too! Great Sale!

  2. I'm so thankful for our profession as well. I couldn't imagine doing anything else, most days! I'm thankful for this blogging journey as well. I started this summer as well. Love your blog! I'm a new follower!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  3. Thanks for the awesome post Tammy - we should all remember to be thankful more often :) I am so thankful to have met wonderfulbloggers like you from all over the world :)

  4. I'm thankful for this profession as well. I just started following your blog as well. Thanks for joining mine.

    1. Thanks Jacqui! I appreciate your sweet comment!

  5. I'm thankful you are such a good blog buddy! God is good...all the time!
    Owl Things First!