Thursday, June 27, 2013

Favorite Math Pins

I am linking up with Ashley Reed over at Just Reed.  This week's Ten Pin Linky is Math Idea Pins. 

There are so many wonderful ideas out there.  I love teaching math, but often struggle to get it all in with our math series (Go Math!) by following our counties pacing guide.  My goal this year is to incorporate math groups by using the Daily 5 for Math.
Here are a few activities I have found on Pinterest to introduce a concept or to use as practice.
1. I love this board and have purchased Cara Carroll's Calendar Companion.
2.  This can be challenging at the beginning of first grade, but the kids rise to the occasion with lots of practice:)

3. The clock visual is great once the concept of time has been introduced not to mention it can replace the "That time is lunch?" question:)

4.  No more dice falling on the floor:)
6. I have a math vocabulary pocket chart, but this is so much more appealing and attention grabbing.
8.  This is such a great visual from A Cupcake For the Teachers for sums of 10.
9.  We always chant, "The little hand tells the hour and the big hand counts by 5."
10.  My first unit on TpT was Ladybug Addition.  I plan on going back to update it, but am on vacation for 2 more weeks:)  So, until then, Ladybug Addition will be FREE!  I would love you to leave some TpT feedback if you download it:)


  1. Love your pins. I don't love math as much as reading but I am trying to do more fun activities with it. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

    Mrs. Flickinger's Butterfly Oasis

  2. I would love to post the clocks with the times of important events, just don't have the wall space. I'm new to blogging. would love for you to come check me out. Teaching with Giggles