Friday, August 2, 2013

Back to School Wishlist Sale {Day 3}

Woot Woot!  I just found out this week I am getting an intern for back to school.  I am super excited and nervous just like the kids!  Yes, this is my first intern in my 18 years of teaching.  (Yes, I am old!)  Anywho, I have always held back because some might say I am a little very OCD!  However, I am excited to share what I do as well as learn from her:)  I think it is also an amazing opportunity for the children as well.  So wish me luck and say a prayer!

I am also joining Tamara again for the Back to School Wishlist Sale.  Today is the third most wishlisted item in my store.  Did you see that?  Yes, the 50% off!  That totally warms my heart as it is my new baby.

The Wonders Supplemental Unit  {grade 1-Unit 1} is a make it easy with little prep for the teachers. Everything you need to send home as well as classroom flashcards, essential questions, worksheets and center activities is included. Print and go!

Above is a sample of what you can print from week 1.  The weeks are set up in a similar fashion. Unit one includes 5 weeks.

I KNOW many are not using Wonders in their schools.  Above is a sample of games that can be used in any classroom.  The order of the phonics skills are pulled from Wonders, BUT the skills are FIRST GRADE PHONICS skills!

And... because I am posting so late today, I will keep this unit on sale for 2 days!  So you can pick up Wonders Supplemental {grade 1- Unit 1} for $3.00 until midnight on Saturday! Woot Woot!

I am still watching my most wishlisted items and I have to say Wonders Supplemental Unit {Grade 1-Unit 2} is catching up to the top 5!  So head on over, check them out and come on back tomorrow for my 4th most wishlisted item.  I wonder what it will be:)

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  1. Love your blog and all your ideas! This is a cute sale. I just wanted to say hi. IM a friend of Sara's and am looking for others teachers to network with! Cheers!
    Susan Morrow

    Keep 'em Thinking!