Friday, August 30, 2013

Five for Friday & Daily 5

This week has been all about establishing routines.  I am linking up with Kasey over at Doodlebugs Teaching with Five for Friday.


This was our first week jumping into our new reading program, Wonders.  I am working hard to teach the skills introduced in Wonders as well as introducing the Daily 5 and its components.

Here are a few of our favorite Daily 5 activities from the week.

Read to Self:  We made is to ten minutes successfully this week!  I am so proud of my firsties for reading leveled books in their book boxes.  The book boxes are from an old math series and fir perfectly in their desks:)

Word Word:  Stamping, letter tiles, rainbow spelling, scented markers  and dry erase were introduced this week at word work.  I used the spelling chart from my Wonders Supplemental Unit 1 for a reference at this center.

Read to Partner: The kids used this week to review kindergarten sight words.  The kids loved this game. (Kindergarten Sight Word Review FREEBIE) This is great to use as you work through kindergarten or as a review in first grade.  In addition to reading books to their partner, I also include Fry Words, fluency passages, poetry notebook, reading book assignment and fluency phrases.

Work on Writing:  We worked on writing about school this week.  For some reason, no pictures were snapped.  We are also using the Six Traits of Writing this year with Wonders and I am integrated this into the Daily 5 time.  I will be posting more about this.

Tonight my husband took my son to his first high school football game.  My son is in middle school and came home saying "Everyone is going!" and the really cool part is it is the same high school my husband played football at and graduated from!

I said to my younger son, "Someday you could have a teacher that daddy had!" and he replied, "I don't think so.  They are all dead!"

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Happy Friday!

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  1. Looks like your year is off to a great start! Thanks so for sharing tidbits of your week--great stuff!

    All the best for a great year!

    Sarah @ Hoots N Hollers