Monday, September 30, 2013

Integrating Vocabulary

Common Core places such a huge emphasis on comprehension.  I am working hard this year on using the text to pull vocabulary from.

Our district has adopted Wonders by McGraw-Hill as our new reading series.  After reading the book, Word Nerds this summer, I have placed greater emphasis on helping the students make personal connections to the text and the vocabulary words.

In my Wonders Supplemental Units (Units 1-4 have been completed), I have added  vocabulary connection pages for each story where my students have the words and definitions and draw a picture to match the words.  This has helped them to make that personal connection to the word.  As the year goes on, the children will be adding their own definitions and them sentences for each vocabulary word.


I am thinking that I would like to combine them into a vocabulary notebook so the children can go back and review vocabulary words.  That, however, might be a summer job:)

In order to aid in the review process and incorporate the vocabulary into their daily conversation, I have created an interactive vocabulary wall just for vocabulary.  The words are categorized alphabetically and include the word and the definition on a ring.

You can read about one of my favorite Vocabulary products HERE.  I would love to hear about what you do with Vocabulary!

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