Sunday, October 20, 2013

Graphing Frenzy & FREEBIE

The end of September leading into October is the perfect time to explore graphing!  It is included in our Common Core standards, but not in our Go Math! book.  Go Math has stepped up to the plate and has online resources now for those interested.

Graphing is such a fun, interactive math concept that I try really hard NOT to use unrelated worksheets.  At the end of September we had an apple taste test.  The students were then able to paint their favorite apple.  They had definite opinions about apples by the time we were ready to graph!

The kiddos took the reigns on this activity and helped create our graph from the apples to the title to the labels and the numbers.  THIS MADE A REAL CONNECTION to graphing!

On Tuesday, each friend will receive a package of  Bones Halloween Candy.  We ordered them HERE from Oriental Trading as they are hard to find in regular stores now. 

Bones Candy

We will be reading Dem Bones before we start the activity. Dem Bones is a super cute book by Bob Barner with a catchy tune. You can find it on Amazon HERE.

Product Details

You can find an amazing Halloween Themed Math Centers with a Dem Bones graph, sorting mat and questions over at TpT with Erica Bohrer

Ok, pictures to come later this week of more graphing activities.  Since to have stuck around this long, you can head on over to my TpT store for a Class Journal Cover FREEBIE! 

 I would love to hear about your favorite graphing activity:).

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