Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Helpful Hints on Hump Day

I love this "get me through the week" idea!  Yes, its HUMP DAY and Teresa at Fun in K/1 has started a fun, new linky:)  She shared about a super engaging activity for spelling practice so check it out!

So now for my helpful hint...contractions style:)

I prefolded the papers for the kids just to make it go a little quicker.  They were instructed to write the two words on the front of the fold. They then cut on each side of the letter that is taken away...

When they lift the flap up, they make their apostrophe under it to make the contraction.

And when everything was written correctly, they went back to trace the words in crayon for extra practice and to give it a pop:)

And there you have it, simple and easy contraction practice.

Now head on over to see what other helpful hints you can find:)

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  1. Tammy, what a GREAT idea! I love this! :) I bet the kids really "get it" when they see it like that. Thank you for sharing!
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