Tuesday, November 19, 2013

FLEE Map Freebie

I though I would write a little follow up to yesterday's post.  I introduced the FLEE map to my class as a way to organize their thoughts.  A FLEE map is a perfect choice for the retelling of a story as well as an outline for their own story.  In first grade, this can help my students write up to eight sentences on a given topic! In the older grades, it is a frame for a five paragraph essay.

So as you can see a FLEE Map is combination of a Flow Map (great for showing sequence) and a Tree Map (used for categorizing information).  I have to say, the first time around it was challenging for my firsties to create and use the map.  I decided to create the map for them for our second go round.  My goal is to alleviate their frustration so all their effort goes into their planning and writing.

If you are looking for a little more direction, I inserted some helpful hints below:)

If you would like to snap this little freebie, you can click HERE! Hope your kids enjoy it and it makes the writing process go a little smoother for you too:)

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