Tuesday, February 4, 2014

100 Days Down, 80 to Go!

We celebrated 100 Days of School on Monday and the kids had a ball.  More importantly was the enthusiasm that spread through the room through reading, mash and even writing!

A favorite activity is making one hundred necklaces.  The student sort and count out 100 pieces of Fruit Loops and then string onto their ribbon.  The 100's charts helped my firsties who are still building their number sense.  Such a fun reminder all day of our celebration.  I think this was the first year that all my students went home with their entire necklace intact!  Who would have thought?

The kids were given a letter and a Zip-lock attached last Thursday asking them to find a collection of 100 things that would fit in a sandwich bag over the weekend.  We had pennies, Legos, hair bands, toys, garden rocks, baseball cards, and colored rubber bands. We sorted in piles of 10.  A few cuties came up short and were reminded to go back to recount!  All was fine as each collection had 100.

We then used the collections today to introduce non-standard measurement and talked about how all the objects had to be the same size and shape.

The highlight of the day was the AMAZING "When I am 100" projects.  The students wrote funny stories and created my favorite Deanna Jump 100 day art portraits.  I know it is hard to read, but this little sweetie wrote that she will be wearing dentures and living at an old folks home!  Too funny:)

As the 100th day came to a close, I have to say that it makes me a little sad that this year is more than half way over.  I LOVE my class this year and am so proud of their growth.

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