Monday, July 28, 2014

Daily Schedule- Reading Workshop

Next up on our daily schedule is Reading Workshop.  (You can find our daily schedule HERE.)  Reading workshop will look VERY different this year.  Last year, our county used Common Core with Wonders by McGraw Hill as our primary resource.

This year Florida has opted out of Common Core and has adopted Language Arts Florida Standards (LAFS).   OK, truth be told the Florida Standards are basically Common Core with a few tweaks...  I will post the standard on our focus fall to keep the it front and center. Creativity to the Core has made a set of Florida standards for each grade level (elementary).

Our county has revamped the Scope and Sequence for each grade level.    They have moved to teaching by standards, NOT by the adopted series.

According to our blueprint, as we teach the standards we will be using various stories throughout Wonders on any given week.  This will make it tricky as our firsties won't have the skills to read the stories out of order so many of the stories will be read alouds.  Yes, we have our work cut out for us!

To help my firsties make the transition to  standards based instruction, I am planning on using the following units from Jen Jones for comprehension extensions.
My sweet friend, Tamara Russell, also made a unit to go with one of our stories from last year:  Kitten's First Full Moon.  These are detailed lessons to be used with this exemplar text.   There are even writing extensions for informative, narrative and opinion.  Click on the picture to head to Tamara's store.
So my question for you is does your school use a published series or do you teach by the standards and pull resources?
I would love to hear about what you do! Please leave a comment and you will get extra credit in the rafflecoptor!  Remember I am giving away Wonders Supplemental Units 1-3.
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  1. Hi! We are making the switch to authentic literature. That's right teach by the standard and pull resources. It's a big, scary (freeing) change, but it's time! We are using F&P phonics for k-2 as well as Lucy Calkins for writing.

    1. I love that Lindsay! I know it is scary, but I love the freedom to use what works for your students. We are half way there. We have the Wonders stories (some are authentic literature) aligned to standards. It will take a lot of planning to be done well. I hope it goes well for you all:)

  2. For several years my district has used the Voyager reading program. This year it seems as if we will be changing (or upgrading to the 21st century) our reading program to the Benchmark Literacy set. I haven't been trained on it but it looks as if it's all about guided reading and fluency. Yes!! We need it.

  3. Our school district is using the Wonders reading series.

  4. We use wonders also.with of course using extra resources. Ksommersdorf

  5. We use Benchmark but found it lacking in areas. We do use Common Core but also do a lot of supplementing.

  6. I am so excited to find your blog through Pinterest because we also use Wonders. We are also beginning a new intervention schedule this year by grade level, so I would love to win your supplements!

  7. Right now we do not have a curriculum. This year we will be using Engage NY as our interim curriculum (lots of binders :( ).

  8. We have a published series called Reading g Street.