Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wordless Wednesday-Repurposing Math Manipulatives

I am linking up today with Christina at Sugar and Spice
 I love when something comes to me while planning a lesson!  I was prepping for a graphing activity and I wanted my kids to work in partners to roll a die and record the result on the graph.  So, I needed to find 9 large dice or cube shaped blocks.  Walking through a second grade class, I spied base ten blocks with thousands cubes! {Insert angels singing!!}

What other manipulatives do you repurpose?
Please share:)
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  1. I love this idea. In 2nd grade we work up to 1,000 and just about never use the cubes that come with our place value set. Occasionally I'll see an idea that requires large dice. I'm way over putting 2 cardboard milk cartons together to make large dice, so I usually just pass on the activity. Not any more. Thanks so much for sharing!