Friday, October 10, 2014

Five for Friday {10/10}

Where did this week go?  It totally flew by so quickly.   I am linking up with Kasey from Doodlebugs Teaching with Five for Friday!
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We had a Wonders Unit review built into our reading series this week.  The kids had a great time practicing their sight words with Bingo, Boo! Sight Word game, Sentence Scrambles and I Have, Who Has.  All four activities can be found HERE.
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One of our county's focuses this year is writing across the curriculum.  Thinking maps are key in organizing information and students' thoughts.  We focused on double bubble maps during reading this week to compare and contrast information about characters in the text.  This was our first go round of students making their own maps and including their own information after several times modeling this thinking map. 
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We are loving our Go Noodle Brain Breaks! I feel like this has been mentioned so many times, but I still talk to people all the time who have never heard of Go Noodle! This was our new yoga pose this week.  The kids actually said their legs hurt after this 3 minute activity!!  CRAZY:)
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Occasionally, my son leaves me "love" notes  before he leaves my room to go to class this year! They are so sweet and I can't believe that this is his last year in elementary school with me!!  Where has the time gone?  (Insert sigh...)
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Last, but not least!  I attended  Deanna Jump's conference in Orlando today!  It was not only filled with amazing, hands on activities for kinders and firsties, but Deanna's love of teaching and enthusiasm is contagious!  I am so inspired.  I also got to spend the day with my blogging buddy, Tamara Russell from Mrs. Russell's Room
Such an amazing way to end the week.
Looking forward to a fun filled weekend. 
More details to come:)
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