Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Teacher Talk Tueday: Math Centers Part 2 Scheduling

Welcome back to Teacher Talk Tuesday-Math Centers!
I hope you were able to read about my struggle with math centers HERE.
It has been an amazing month and I am beyond thrilled to say
that there is light at the end of the rainbow!
"How do we fit it all in?" you ask.
We worked through a lot of trial and error.
The key has been CONSISTENCY!!
Here is a snapshot of our daily schedule on a perfect day!
Now truth be told,,,
There is no PERFECT day in the primary classroom!!
BUT we remain FLEXIBLE and do our best!
We actually complete 3 math centers, go to specials
and return to complete the final two centers and review.
Today, we had the dentist talk to k/1 classes
so we only made it through 2 rotations.
But that's two more than I did in December on any given day!!
As Pete the Cat says, "Its All Good!"
Next Tuesday I will share how I group my firsties
and then how they rotate through the centers.
Have YOU tried math centers yet?
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