Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Forgotten Art: Thank You Notes

The forgotten know the one...
the dreaded thank you notes!
So as I opened up Valentine presents and boxes of candy
I was quickly thinking about the thank you notes that needed to be sent!
I have to say at times I write actually old fashioned notes
with envelopes addressed to the child and family
and other times I print a card, write a little message and send it as is.
So why send thank you notes when so many don't?
1. To model proper etiquette for my students
2.  To make connections with students and families.
For something that takes only a minute to write,
it can warm a heart and build relationships.
I also use this little pack a lot...
I love easy!
There are four notes to a page so I preprint them
and have the ready to go!
So if you are in need of Valentine thank you notes
If you would like to see the complete Thank You Notes pack
So do you send thank you notes?
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1 comment:

  1. These are adorable and I really appreciate the freebie. I pinned your pack to one of my Pinterest boards and was in the process of printing a couple of sets of notes when I suddenly realized the clip art was an owl. Not something I can use teaching Native Americans as the wise old owl is actually associated with bringing a negative message. Whoopsy! I almost missed that one. :) (Just having a little chuckle at my almost faux pas.) But still appreciate that you shared your work -- work, by the way, which I love. I've used other products of yours and they are excellent. Thanks!