Friday, April 17, 2015

Five for Friday {Informative Writing}

I am linking up with Kasey at Doodle Bugs Teaching with Five for Friday!
So sit on back and take a peek at my week!
We visited our school media center and students were able to pick
 two informational sources on the same animal topic. 
They then spend a few days reading the texts with parents,
during read to partner and then read to self. 
After they had a grasp on the information,
they selected interesting facts marking them with post it notes and
adding them to their "Interesting Facts" page.
Students used the illustrations from the book for inspiration
as they worked on the covers of their books! 
They did an amazing job working on their illustrations.   
Students worked on organizing their information using a Tree Map
from our Thinking Maps!  This is a super way to set them up 
as more advanced readers can use this for paragraph organization. 
We used our thinking maps and interesting facts page to help us
get started on our rough drafts.  Students also went back into the text
and yes, even the glossary, to make sure they had their facts straight!
And last but not least (for this week) is the final copy. 
We still need to work on our glossary, table of contents
and about the author pages next week.
I love this unit and am so thankful I found it on TpT!
Informative Writing {A research-based, all about book}
by Susan Jones is my go to resource!
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  1. So glad you shared this. My grade level assigned an independent research project back (completed at home with or without parent involvement) in the Fall with students being able to choose a Native American tribe to research and report on. It turned out so well that we used the entire cafeteria for the displays. We had every intention of doing this 1x per quarter, but haven't. My students have been bugging me for another one, but . . . . I appreciate seeing your students at work and just love the free resource you highlighted. Guess what independent animal research project my 2nd grade students will be ending the year with??? :)