Saturday, September 5, 2015

Learning Centers and Five for Friday

Where did this week go?
I have 2 pre-k sessions and am EXHAUSTED by the end of the day! 
This week's Five for Friday is a peek into our small group instruction.

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We have been counting to ten this week.  We used manipulatives, manipulatives and more manipulatives!  We then traced our hands, the teachers cut them out and my kids practiced moving and counting each finger.  We then took it one step further and numbered the fingers too!
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Five Little Monkeys is our absolute favorite song so far this year.  The boys especially love when we take out the hats and act it out!
Jack and Jill was our first poem of the year I charted it and we followed along whole group all week.  I modeled tracking, we discussed and acted out vocabulary words and we  identified letters in the poem.  On Friday, they received their own copy for their poetry notebook and were thrilled!  The illustrations were adorable. 
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As we continued working on recognizing and writing the letters in our names, we used BINGO dabbers, rainbow writing, dry erase boards and made a class book with I see _____. 
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I saved the best for last!  Pete the Cat was a life saver this week!  We listened to Pete's books SEVERAL times only to hear, "Again, again!" We made a Pete craft and ventured onto cutting whiskers at the art center.  It was the first time scissors were brought out.  This was definitely a small group project and they did great:)
Pre-K has been an adjustment for me coming back down from first, but I am loving all the hands on learning and conversations that take place during small group time.  These kids are FUNNY!
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