Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Picture Graphs and FREEBIE

Graphing in the primary grades can be so much fun!  
Picture graphs give my students time to think about their responses 
while using a little creativity.
There are so many ways to incorporate graphing into
monthly activities, themes, science and social studies and special interests. 
 Just in the past three weeks, we have done a graphing mini unit 
and the topics are limitless.
We started with Our Favorite Color graph.
Colored hand prints are always fun and 
would also be great at the beginning of the school year.

I hand wrote a title to get us through the week, 
but soon realized I would love to have cuter go to titles.

We then moved on to a Fairy Tale unit in Language Arts and spent two weeks reading different versions on The Three Little Pigs, Three Billy Goats Gruff and Jack and the Bean Stalk. That naturally lead to the discussion of our favorite story and another graph.
I love using authentic drawings to create the graph. 
 It gives the children more buy in
 as they are creating their card as a part of the graph.  
There is a sense of pride and more of a connection.
And once again, I was in need of a title card.  I finally realized that I may 
NOT be the only teacher who could use a collection of graph titles.
Another great graph that could be used now or at the beginning of the year is More Boys or Girls?  Let's just say I have WAY more girls than boys this year!
In the morning class of nineteen students, I have 5 boys and 14 girls!
In pre-k, we have REALLY been working on body parts and adding details.
Some of getting it and others are a work in progress:)

So I created another title and decided I LOVE the print and go easibility 
of these titles.  I print them on card stock 
and decided NOT to laminate them to avoid the glare.
I have put these three graph titles in a little bundle 
and even added a fourth as a sampling of what is to come! 
You can download them for FREE here.
I can't wait to read you feedback to see what you think!
Feel free to leave suggestions for upcoming graph titles.
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