Sunday, June 12, 2016

5 Ways to Keep our Children Safe in the Face of Danger

I have been glued to the television and computer all day long.
There was ANOTHER mass shooting
with FIFTY victims dead and FIFTY THREE injured.
My prayers go out to all the injured as well as friends and family of all the victims.

My heart is so sad, filled with worry.
Worry for my husband who is there working the scene.
Worry for my community, who has dealt with two shootings in two days.
Worry for our children and the world they are growing up in.

In this past decade there have been numerous school shootings as well.
So what can we do to protect our children, both personal and students?

We, as adults, need to show our children that life goes on.
God conquers evil.
So what can we do in the face of danger?
Here are five ways to keep our children safe in the face of danger.  

Look around for anyone and anything out of place. 
 It is so easy to let a parent walk down the hallway with their child, 
but did they stop in the office first to sign in.  
What is the protocol at your school? 
Make sure it is followed at ALL times, even if it is not convenient.

What is your school plan? Is there a county plan? 
I had to take an active assailant training to prepare myself
in case of an intruder on campus and then take a test.
We, as teachers,  never think things like this will happen to them, 
but I am here to tell you this shooting was too close to home for me.
PLEASE take the time to make a plan or review the one you have.

Just like we, as adults, need to have a plan, 
we need to practice the scenarios with our children.
Will it be scary for them? ABSOLUTELY!
However, if it can save their lives, it is well worth it.
Just like a fire drill, an active intruder drill needs to be practiced.  
Teachers and parents need to have these hard conversations with our children.

I can't even imagine what would go through my head and I hope I never have to test this.
The children in our care are counting on us.
Do we hide? Try to get out of the building?
We are their first defense and these kids are counting on us.
The more prepared we are, the more likely we will be able to keep a clear head. 

What can you do on a daily basis to keep you and your students safe?
I teach out in a portable and I ALWAYS keep my door LOCKED.
Can this be inconvenient? You betcha! 
BUT, it keeps us safely inside the room.
When someone knocks, my students know not to open the door 
if it isn't someone they know and at that point my para professional or I check.
Most importantly, SPEAK OUT, if something isn't part of your norm.


So my friends, please pray for those who lost loved ones, 
the city of Orlando and the people of the USA!
We need to grieve and then move forward...with a plan.

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  1. Unfortunately we wait until something awful happens to have these discussions. Thanks so much for sharing and speaking from the heart!