Saturday, October 22, 2016

Incorporating Fine Motor Activities

So many preschoolers and kindergarten friends come to school 
with little fine motor practice.  
The first thought when fine motor comes up is pencil, paper activities, 
but the reality is there are so many ways to build fine motor BEFORE
children are ready for pencil, paper activities.

Clothes pins and larger tweezers offer children practice with the pincer grasp.  
We practice using pop poms and small objects 
as they are grabbed and moved from one place to another.  
Alphabet Mats and sensory tables provide a place for integration with these skills.

Art activities provide fine motor experiences such as paper tearing, 
painting and gluing. While painting, we remind our friends 
to use their "pinching" fingers as they hold the brush. 
 Twirling the paint brush is a circular motion 
also takes practice at the beginning of the year.

Paper tearing also provides additional experiences 
and the scraps are saved for the art center.

Fine motor experience can also be incorporated while teaching math concepts.  
We use pony beads for counting and patterning.  
One to one correspondence can be modeled and practiced 
using pom poms and recycles marker caps.
Play dough is always a go to with counting and tens frames.  
Rolling the dough in itself takes a LOT of practice!

There so so many commercial games and materials for sale 
that lend themselves to fine motor practice.
Gumball Grab and Magic Boards are two favorites
 in our room from Lakeshore Learning.

Scissor practice is another fine motor skill that takes a great deal of practice.
We cut paper and play dough as they offer different resistances.  

Last week I added straws and scissors to our sensory table 
for additional fine motor practice.
We were then going to add string for threading once the straws were all cut.


This was found under the table at the end of  day one.
No one claimed it, no parent complained.

Feel free to pin the image below onto your Pinterest boards for easy reference. 
For more fine motor inspiration, follow my Fine Motor Pinterest Board.

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